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Twenty years have past
Since we saw each other last
Twenty things I thought I’d remember
This month before September

Twenty people I said a good hello to
In three brief hours, that I knew
Twenty or more by four
I saw come in the door
To some a brief hello, but no lore,
No reminiscing of yore
Before time flew.
The rest no greeting just a view.

Twenty things others recalled
I stood as they told their tales
My heart did flinch and quail
In fear I might be appalled—

To my relief and to my shame
Tales told did not discredit my name
Though many present I could not remember
My shame is: What kept me away these twenty Septembers?

Copyright © 2013 H.K. Longmore


Make the Homeless Smile

Another video on the same theme (well, visually at least) as the one I posted three weeks ago.

Why At-One-Ment Doesn’t Involve Time Travel

Have you ever longed to go back in time and change just one choice so a life event would turn out differently, or a relationship could be preserved or never started?  I have certainly had wistful thoughts along those lines.  No, I lie.  I do still have wistful thoughts like that from time to time.  I went hiking a couple of weeks ago with some of my family.  My sister had spent three summers working at a camp in the area, and took the lead.  We headed toward that camp, then down a dirt road toward the trail head.  We passed a small stream flowing down the mountain and she remarked that the old trail went up the stream, but people kept littering in the (watershed) stream, so the trail was moved, and the old trail blocked off.  A little further down the road, and she indicated for us to turn off the road and head up the hill.  In the winter, this hill is part of a ski trail; in summer, it is covered with wildflowers.  My sister pointed them out, acting the part of trail guide.  Up the hill we continued, until we reached a spot where there was a spur of trail running to the stream.  My sister was wishing we could go up the old trail, so I told the others I was going to explore the branch, no one had to follow, and I would come back and let them know what I found.  My sister said to make sure it went up and not over, because over would lead into the camp.

The branch lead me across the stream.  A short distance further I found another spur that lead up the hill.  I took it a short distance to see where it led, then returned and informed the others of what I had found.  We headed that way.  The spur going up took me back across the stream not far from where I initially crossed.  I waited there to help my nieces and nephews find the best path across if needed.  While we were crossing, my sister had gone a bit further from the spur and found yet another path that led up.  She instructed that we needed to go up that way, so we all headed over. Continue reading

8 facts you need to know about your feelings

Some useful thoughts on the influence our emotions have on us, and we on them (see number 5).