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Curled up in a ball
Wrapped up in a hammock
Swaying in the salty breeze
Saline stained cheeks turn salty red
Red ball dips below the water line

Or, buried in the sand
Naught but head
Protrudes from mock grave
Sand a bearable weight of being
Brings calm to anxious limbs
Deepens once shallow breaths

Huddled ’round a 55 gallon drum
Fire burning low
Fingerless gloves the compulsory style
Company sells tragedy cheap
But Rails sing a compelling song
To be part of the wave

Buried in thoughts of death
He seeks new life

©2021 H.K. Longmore

The Sea

I am the sea:
You can count on me
To transfer gravitational energy
From the moon to your coastal property.

I am the ocean:
Strong currents flow
Beneath my surface, moving
Marine life faster along their route.

My currents
Influence the weather;
Sometimes to your delight,
Other times my influence is to your dismay.

I am the sea:
Bound only by the shore,
Each crashing wave wears rock away;
My rip currents pull your sand to me, day by day.

© 2014 H.K. Longmore