I started this blog to verify functionality of code using the WordPress XML-RPC API for a work task. I didn’t think I would use the blog for more than the week I started it (see the subtitle to my blog—the quote from Milan Kundera). However, I surprised myself by continuing to use it to the point where I’m keeping it around, with no notion that it is a temporary thing.  So yes, I am a software engineer.  I also am a stickler for hand-coded standards compliant code, who avoided WordPress or anything like unto it from 1997 to 2013.

As someone who would prefer anonymity over notoriety, I have thought about my first two posts, and the fact that I will be publishing some of my writings, and decided that some amount of being a Kunderian monster is required. I keep thinking, “Really?  I’m going to put my inner thoughts out there for anyone and everyone to read?”  But I guess that’s the problem with being a poet—there’s a level of transparency required when writing from one’s own experiences. It’s a bit ironic: I want lots of people to read my writings, but I don’t want a fan base, and I don’t want people to be able to identify me in a crowd, unless they know me.

3 responses to “About

  1. Hi,

    I’m Tokoni, A student and poet. Its nice to meet your I’d like to invite you to my blog, http://www.insanitybeautiful.wordpress.com if you’re interested. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the like and follow. I have checked out your blog, and I thought I’d say, I think I’m the opposite: there are exceptions, but my best poems tend to just flow from my brain. I may have to rewrite, revise, change some words here or there, but if it takes me too long to write, I lose the mental or emotional thread, and the thing unwinds.

  2. Thanks Henry for liking my comment on a common friend’s poem. Your so doing has enabled my connect with your site. I look forward to reading your posts and exchanging views…best wishes… Raj.

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