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The Dream That’s Been Haunting Me for the Last Two and a Half Years

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a while now. There have been at least a couple of things holding me back, one of which is that I didn’t know how to do it without the content being “Mature”. I can do it without being crude or crass, but due to the nature of the dream, I would not recommend those looking for a G or PG post continue.

Also, I don’t want Google or other search engines getting confused about my typical fare, thus the actual post is at a different blog.

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Discontent of Fabrications

Newly married man;
Wife made best meal she knew how.
Husband loved: a lie.

Stomach, day by day,
His repulsion enduring,
Same meal he received.

Stopped with honesty:
He cared not for it, never.
Served that meal no more.

Waxing didactic,
Say not, “I like” when not true,
Lest you reap encore.

Regarding a meal,
Natural pigmentation hid
By purple or red,

Movie or series,
Favorite sport or hobby;
Say not, “yea”, if “no”,

Lest thy discontent
Of thy fabrication born,
Fill eyes with sorrow.

©2015 H.K. Longmore