Conextrainformafusion – /kən-ek-strə-in-fər-mā-fyü-zhən/ – noun
Confusion resulting from saying too much and having the extraneous information misunderstood.
Etymology: portmanteau of confusion, extraneous, and information.
First use: 2013

I thought I’d coin a word today.
But instead of simple thought post,
Presenting with rhythm and rhyme
Is how I’ll coin, with some word play.

He who wins is he who says most
Is not a truism for our time
Unless imparting confusion
By the excess information
Is the goal to which we aspire.

Your intentions misunderstood,
Your priorities now in mire.
See these results if see you could
Whether by light of moon or sun.

Here is the word, write it in clay
Say it proudly, say it with boast;
But don’t say it in unison:

Soon comprehension will disperse
By the length of my little verse
And now perhaps I’ve caused again

Copyright © 2013 H.K. Longmore

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