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Three Misses

Soaking wet

Leaving work one day I took my AWD vehicle through a patch of snow that wasn’t plowed. The magnitude of my velocity vector was too small, inspiring the second stanza. My pants and gloves got soaked trying to dig the snow out from underneath.

Was it this word,
Or that, that she said?
“Life” he thought he heard,
But ’twas spoken while she fed;
“Mouth” is thus not absurd.

It will not budge;
His car is stuck.
The ice-crusted snow it can only nudge.
Did he think he drove a truck?
Must he now homeward trudge?

For words overheard in passing he could
Seek meaning, though lacking context.
Alternate possibilities, weight of wood,
He might settle on the wrong text.
The comment made, was it for the good?

Copyright © 2014. H.K. Longmore


Ask (and Answer) the Right Questions Before Taking Out Student Loans

Ask (and Answer) the Right Questions Before Taking Out Student Loans

Another finance blog post from my friend. Make sure to give System 2 a bit of a push off the couch. (It helps the analysis if your intended field of study as a grad student pays you to get the degree, as was the case for me.)