A few scattered thoughts

I deactivated my Facebook account last Friday. The time I was spending reading all the articles, taking all the quizzes, watching all the cat videos (okay, so I only had a few cat videos in my news feed, but I watched all of them, except the ones where cats were being mean to dogs, as I don’t care for them), etc., was preventing me from progressing on my personal projects.

One of those projects is publishing the first of several poetry books, some of the poems are published here on WordPress; many are not. I got professional editorial feedback last month, and hadn’t done anything with it yet due to my FB usage. So, now that I’ve been able to spend some time applying the feedback, I’m about a quarter of the way through. It has been surprising how much effort it takes to apply editorial feedback! And I’m surprised at how awful I’ve been about punctuating my poems until I started using WordPress.

My thoughts were more scattered when I sat down to write, but interruptions have made the less important ones fade. I haven’t decided when I’ll return to Facebook. For certain, not until I have applied all of the editorial feedback.

3 responses to “A few scattered thoughts

  1. I commend you for your commitment to less distractions! I am striving to slowly wean myself of technology distractions as well…

    • Technology distractions will always be with us, the key is limiting how much time we devote to them, and what kind of distractions we allow. My sister commented I didn’t have to be polar about my FB usage; I could just not use it for a while. But I know myself well enough to know that that won’t happen. If, however, I have told my FB friends I am deactivating my account for a while, I feel somewhat accountable to them if I return before I accomplish my goal.

      And, regarding distractions, I probably have a bit of ADD, so I’ll always find distractions, no matter what I’m doing.

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