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Movie fantastic:
Watching real life unfolding,
Senses enlivened.
An unwanted change;
Video signal goes blank,
Audio remains.
Still captivating, 
Listening to audio:
Movie fantastic.
Video returns:
Brief interludes side by side;
Pulse quickens and skips.
Signal cut again,
Audio also is lost;
Movie fantastic.
Now closed-captioning
Only signal that remains.
Relationship strained?
With no video,
No audio, still I'm sure:
Movie fantastic.

© 2022 H.K. Longmore


In the smartphone age,
Nothing makes a place remote
As no cell access.

Crossing o’er the strait,
T-Mobile texted new rates
For Victoria.

But at Lake Crescent,
No emails nor texts; dropped calls
The best I could get.

©2015 H.K. Longmore