Auricular Adventures

Sensitive instruments;
location finding.
Mine are fine tuned:

In his office, yards away,
A former manager a comment made.
My ears received,
My tongue quipped in reply.

Surprised, he exclaimed,
“You heard that?
I’ll have to be more careful
About what I say in here.”

A coworker standing next to me
As I washed my knife
And she sliced food for lunch:

Under her breath,
Perhaps muttered,
“I’m tired of you”

But my auricular instruments
Failed me, for it seemed there were gaps
Between the words heard
And what was uttered.

Did I miss words between “tired of” and “you”,
Or perhaps after “you”? My brain sees the gaps
But there’s no information to fill them with.

Was this directed at me?
Should I query in reply,
Missing information to supply?

But the moment has passed,
And my excellent ears
Have triumphed
And yet failed again.

Copyright© 2015 H.K. Longmore

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